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Above & Beyond the Playground is a newly formed nonprofit business providing academic and athletic mentoring programs for middle school, high school and early college students in the city of Milwaukee. An ambitious desire to make a difference and nurture Milwaukee’s youth compelled Deonte Tatum to develop a nonprofit mentor program structured around academics and athletics, and to see it become a reality. Above and Beyond is modeled as enrichment enterprise serving the public and is designed to promote personal growth and team-building through valuable mentor/student-athlete relationships working together to achieve common goals.

“If there had been a program like Above & Beyond the Playground when I was growing up, I would have had opportunities to see these mentors doing things that I only watched from afar. Above & Beyond the Playground gives student-athletes examples to follow that are first-hand, touchable, attainable, and real. That is more important than telling someone what he or she can be. Young men and women need to see what they can be. ”



Our Mission

Our mission is to create hope and opportunity for student athletes by preparing them for life beyond the game.

Our Mission

Our Programs


Buckle Down

Higher Ground

Academic & Athletic Institute of Higher Learning

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