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We noticed that student athletes in Milwaukee are being overlooked, or falling through the cracks. Student athletes receive praise and recognition for their athletic accomplishments, while their self-identity and scholar-identity are underdeveloped.

We no longer want to see or hear about the talented athlete that squandered their talent, is jobless, or ends up in prison.

6-8th Grade Student-Athletes

Trailblazer Program

Emphasizes life skills, social skills, and effective study habits. Program activities will help develop self-confidence, a sense of personal responsibility, and respect for others and the community.

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Undergraduate Student-Athletes

Higher Ground Program

Emphasizes study strategies, time management tools, assistance in career planning, attaining internships, and continual guidance of mentors through degree completion.

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9-12th Grade Student-Athletes

Buckle Down Program

While creating an academic, athletic, and career plan that will serve as a road map for the future, Student-Athletes work with personal trainers in addition to everything offered in the Trailblazer program.

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6th Gr. - Undergraduate Student-Athletes

Academic & Athletic Institute for Higher Learning

In addition to academic assistance, this  institution will offer an elite athletic program with training from some of Milwaukee’s best sports trainers.

*Summer Only

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“If there had been a program like Above & Beyond the Playground when I was growing up, I would have had opportunities to see these mentors doing things that I only watched from afar. Above & Beyond the Playground gives student-athletes examples to follow that are first-hand, touchable, attainable, and real. That is more important than telling someone what he or she can be. Young men and women need to see what they can be. ”



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