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VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Athletes Benefit-New Specially Designed Program

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee senior Ryan Boltik has joined the Above and Beyond the Playground (ABP) volunteer staff this semester. ABP founder Deonte Tatum reached out to UWM's kinesiology program to provide an internship for a student interested in working with Vincent High School athletes. 

Boltik uses a plan designed by a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse coach. Tatum reached out to the coach for help to come up with an exercise regimen to deliver strength training and conditioning for young athletes. 

"If students go on to college sports, they'll be prepared for that level of fitness," says Boltik. Boltik will graduate in December and begin work on becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist. In addition to finishing his degree in kinesiology, he currently works at Orange Theory, an exercise and fitness center for adults.

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