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Academic Support is Essential to ABP

In addition to supporting students with subject tutoring, ABP seeks to offer training to build life skills necessary for a successful academic career.

Volunteer Jeff Wong shared the importance of relationships with friends, family, coaches, teachers, and team mates. He stressed the importance of respect, common goals, differences, trust, knowledge, wisdom and role models. Emphasizing that teachers offer the tools for their futures, he showed how this ties into college or career objectives.

Finally, discussing what students can do to improve classroom relationships, for instance: sitting near the front of the classroom, getting to know one's teacher, taking part in office hours, participating in class, listening actively, and maintaining a positive attitude.

He wrapped up with this, "Enjoy this time.  It is a memory that will live with you your entire life. But look to the future – build those relationships with the people who will help build other skills, life skills, skills that will help you reach you potential – your teachers."

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