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Vincent High School Student Shines in mentoring program at ABP

Meet Vincent High School freshman Jahaire who graduated from Hopkins Lloyd Community School last spring. A basketball and baseball enthusiast, Jahaire is a big brother to a sister and brother in third and sixth grades. His position in basketball has been point guard or shooting guard.

Jahaire joined the 2019-20 Above and Beyond the Playground after school group when mentor Pairreon Warren invited him to join the program to enhance his academic and athletic performance. Pairreon is a group leader at Hopkins Lloyd through the organization, the Children’s Outing Association, when he is not serving as site coordinator for ABP. He had the opportunity to work with Jahaire last year and is happy that he is part of the ABP team.

Pairreon is proud of the character he has noticed in Jahaire, he says, "Jahaire is smart and polite. He has shown leadership abilities that I have seen when coaching him in baseball and in the classroom."

Jahaire says his favorite classes are pool, taught by Ms. Nussbuger, and world history, taught by Mr. Vincent. He took citizenship in a summer accelerated class and was able to move ahead into world history this fall. While a little apprehensive at first, he now enjoys the fact that he can socialize with older students and find out what is in store for him in the coming years at Vincent High School. In pool, Jahaire enjoys getting in the water “to swim and be free" he shares.

Jahaire discusses school assignments with City Worker Julia.

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